The Overview of Taoshow 2018 Spring Session

Date: 2018-03-26
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Started from March 18th to 21th, this year, according to the organizer, PACCO Shenzhen, who organized the Taoshow both in Shangri-la and Kempinski hotels Chengdu, was excited to announce another smashing record for 2018.


Taoshow 2018 Spring

4 Days, trade-only hotels shows exclusive for wine, spirits and beers sectors

15Pavilions from the most well-known and emerging worldwide wine-producing countries and regions, as well as China

32 Innovated events with divers themes and forms hosted by industrial authorities from globe included MW, MS and KOLs

550+International and domestic exhibitors showcased in Kempinski hotel Chengdu

600+International and domestic exhibitors showcased in Shangri-la hotel Chengdu

80,000+Trade buyers from all over China (cover different range of cities) and increasing numbers of International trade visitors.


Overview of Tao IWSS 2018 Spring

Overview of Tao IWSS 2018 Spring

Overview of Tao IWSS 2018 Spring

Overview of Tao IWSS 2018 Spring

Táo IWSS Shangri-la hotel show

Overview of Tao IWSS 2018 Spring

Táo IWSS Kempinski hotel show

Overview of Tao IWSS 2018 Spring

Táo IWSS Kempinski hotel show - Beer Zone

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Overview of Tao IWSS 2018 Spring

Overview of Tao IWSS 2018 Spring


Overview of Tao IWSS 2018 Spring

Save The Date For Next Session: 

Tao IWSS 2018 Autumn - Changsha

Overview of Tao IWSS 2018 Spring

Save your date for the Taoshow Empark Hotel Show in Changsha city, Hunan province from Oct 21th to 24th and the 99th CFDF in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center from 25th to 27th. 

Please stay tuned with us to discover the new market drivers and innovations of China Food & Drinks.

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