Sud de France Perfectly Ended It's Autumn Wine Roadshow

Date: 2016-10-31
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'Sud de France' was established in 2006, focus on the promotion of the wine, food, tourism, beauty and leisure products from region of OCCITANIE. Starting from it's first roadshow in 2013, 'Sud de France' has been through 21 cities in China.

Sud de France Perfectly Ended It's Autumn Wine Roadshow

The 'Sud de France Wine Roadshow -2016 Autumn Session ' was held in Fuzhou, Ningbo, and Shenzhen in October, with the support of the Shenzhen PACCO Culture Communication Co., Ltd. This time, the roadshow gathered 25 of the best southern French wine producers / distributors to participate, including France's top wineries, fine wines. Each station has attracted hundreds of local dealers, buyers, wine lovers and industry media to participate in activities.

For each station,specially selected TOP50 award-winning wines are offered to the lucky guests.

Sud de France Perfectly Ended It's Autumn Wine Roadshow

Fuzhou Station - October 21, Sheraton Hotel

The Fuzhou Station is managed to be hold at the same period of Fuzhou CFDF, nearly 300 wine importers, dealers and enthusiasts from all over the country were involved in the activities. As the first station of the roadshow, the organizers prepared a buffet dinner for the guests, French cuisine and French wine left a deep impression to the guests.

Sud de France Perfectly Ended It's Autumn Wine Roadshow

Ningbo Station - October 24 The Westin Hotel

This is the first visit for Sud de France to Ningbo. However, it attracted more than 200 guests from Ningbo and its neighboring cities. The passion for wine southern France wine made the producers full of hope!

Sud de France Perfectly Ended It's Autumn Wine Roadshow

Shenzhen Station - October 26, Langham Hotel

The last station of the roadshow is Shenzhen, Shenzhen has a mature wine market,this responded to the guests quantity.Over 400 visitors participated in Shenzhen station. Which bring a perfect ending to the roadshow.

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