Sparkling Night of The 11th G100 Super Wine Awards Ceremony

Date: 2017-03-25
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Sparkling Night of The 11th G100 Super Wine Awards CeremonySparkling Night of The 11th G100 Super Wine Awards CeremonyOn the evening of March 24, 2017, the 11th G100 Super Wine Awards Ceremony & Awarding Wine Tasting Dinner which sponsored by China Food & Drinks Fair Office and Shenzhen PACCO Culture Communication Co.,Ltd. was held brightly at Crystal Hallroom of Chengdu Century City International Conference Center .


The ceremony invited 16 VIP guests including representatives of China Food & Drinks Fair Office, Shenzhen PACCO Culture Communication Co.,Ltd.,Shenzhen Wine Industry Association, G100 Judge Team and Award winning wineries. More than 10 media witnessed the awarding ceremony for 230 award-winning wines.


The director of China Food & Drinks Fair Office Ping Gu had a speech to give confirmation and good wishes to the event. The general manager of Shenzhen PACCO, Yuan Yang also made a brief introduction for the G100 competition and expressed high respect and deep gratitude to the 10 expert judges and 1000+ participators, she hoped that the G100 competition will become the most sparkling labels of CFDF in the near future.


The well-known domestic wine expert, one of the G100 contest judges, Songquan Guo shared the development of China wine industry and the 11 years G100 has been through. He said that in the past 30 years, China wine industry is changing quikly. The wines involved in the G100 competition has achieve 1,000 varieties this year, the overall quality is also very gratifying. He wished G100 getting better and better.


As one of the G100 contest judges, Songquan Guo has now accompanied the G100 contest through 11 years, in order to thank him for the outstanding contributions he has made for G100 contest and the China wine industry, the director of China Food & Drinks Fair Office Ping Gu award him the "Meritorious Achievement Award".

 Sparkling Night of The 11th G100 Super Wine Awards Ceremony

9 invited guests awarded for the 131 Selection Award, 73 Silver Award, 23 Gold Award and 3 Super Gold Award to the related award-winning winemakers and winery representatives. Three Super Gold Award owners made speeches on behalf of the award-winning wines, to express their surprise and thanks to the G100 event.


G100 Organizing Committee also set up display and tasting area for 230 award-winning wines on the award ceremony site.


During the dinner, the PACCO staff brought a wonderful cha-cha; the invited sand artist's painting show vividly presented the whole process of G100 competition. From the sample collection to the expert tasting and scoring.


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