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Release date: 2021 - 02 - 23
15th G100 Launching Ceremony Held Successfully, Open for EntriesOn Oct 27, the Launching Ceremony of the 15th G100 International Wine & Spirits Awards (“G100” for short) was held in the Guangzhou Marriott Hotel, which attracted the attention of wine industry.Alan Hung, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of G100, Sally Chen, Secretary-General of Guangdong Provincial Alcohol Industry Association, Liang Yanhuan, Deputy Chairman of Foshan Alcohol Industry Association, Sylvia Liu and Jerry Chen, Judges of G100, Feng Xinya, Managing Director of China of Asia Union Consulting, and Wang Qingwei, General Manager of Chateau Rongzi, the representative of the award-winning wineries were the guests who attended the launching ceremony.The ceremony was kicked off with a review of the 14th G100 video. The 14th was a historical record, the samples reaching 2,538, which come from 552 domestic and overseas producers and importers of 27 Old and New World countries. 34 e...
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Release date: 2021 - 05 - 13
Hotline: 86-400 999
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Release date: 2021 - 05 - 13
PACCO, China's Leading Exhibition and Marketing Organization For Wine & Spirits, provides high quality promotion service for wine & spirits industry with a professional team of 12 years of experience.                          Event Agenda Of Pacco 2021
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Release date: 2020 - 09 - 22
Brandnew upgrade of 2021 Spring TAOWINE Hotel Trade Fair in Chengdu with more convenient traffic, broader area, more professional team, enhanced services and higher-quality wines!With utilizing of Western China International Expo City, exhibitions held in Chengdu are more concentrated towards southern part. Following the trend, in Spring, 2021, Pacco will cooperate with Sichuan Wenbo Advertisement and Chengdu Hebang Exhibition and hold its hotel trade fair in a more southern area, InterContinental Century City Chengdu, aiming at creating another hotpot for fine wine exhibitions. - 01 -Exceptionally Convenient TrafficInterContinental Century City Chengdu is located in the center of all exhibition venues, surrounded by a fair number of famed hotels, including Chengdu Marriott Hotel Financial Center, InterContinental Chengdu Global Center, Chengdu W Hotel, next to Chengdu Metro Line 1, which boasts very convenient traffic. Chengdu downtown, Western China International ...
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Release date: 2019 - 04 - 11
Wineseer—China's First Wine Industry B2B PlatformWhat is Wineseer2015 Established, 1st B2B Platform of Wine Market in ChinaA powerful B2B platform for meeting new clients and building brand awareness and influenceAiming to provide integrated online wine-industry services (brand communication, business matching, product promotion)Why Choose Wineseer10 Years of Wine Industry Experience ◇ Already Cooperated with More than 2,000 International Wineries, Importers and Distributors; ◇ With Rich Resource of Wine Industry Relationship of More than 100+ Local Wine Industry Associations, Wine Industry Medias and Wine Related Industry Cooperation.Database of 100,000 Quality/Faithful Buyer ◇ Strong Buyer Database Accumulated through 10 Years of CFDF Trade Fair and 100+ Roadshows Each Year in 60 Cities in China;◇ 100,000+ Buyer Coverage 600+ Cities in China;◇ Over 20,000 Quality Chinese Buyers Registered on Wineseer.      You can build connection with buyer on ...
Wedding Video · VIDEO A video, about a beautiful More
Release time: 2013 - 11 - 27
Theme wedding  · / THEME
On this day, we are the happiest one pair
2018 - 12 - 29
Participation FeeⅠ.1-5 Cities: ¥5000/cityⅡ.6-9 Cities: ¥4500/cityⅢ. Above 10 cities: ¥4000/cityRoute A- Guangdong Province① /Route E-Henan Province/Route F-Shandong Province:&...
2016 - 11 - 08
Winechat is a subscription channel on wechat specialized in wine industry.  We push professional wine industry news and contents to our 25000+ subscribers every week.  Through Winechat, we&#...
2016 - 11 - 09
Awerful platform for meeting new clients and building brand awareness and influence. Aiming to provide integrated online wine-industry services (brand communication, business matching, product promoti...
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